Planning for Spring

Here in Northern Minnesota, the winters can drag on forever! The snow that looked beautiful and Christmasy in December begins to remind me more of a frozen desert keeping us captive in our homes. During this time, I love to plan, looking forward to spring and all the possible ways that our farm can improve

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I started this blog nearly a year ago, hoping to share our stories with you as the year progressed. I am hoping now to post at least bi-weekly so that all of you can get a sense of what is happening at the farm and join us in our growing journey! Last year,


It is mid-march now, and I am planning and getting ready for spring. Just saying “spring” makes me feel cheerful! To me, spring means the beginning of all the wonderful things that we are planning for Farm in the Dell. It means warm weather with the sun on our faces again; it means watching seeds