Summer Employment Opportunities!

Baby plants bring us Spring in the Snowbanks

Covid19 has affected all of us. While we haven’t seen or known many people who are ill from it, the fear of what it could do has affected every area of our lives. In the middle of all of this craziness, with canceled events, children sent home from school, and all of society seemingly swept up in fear, our farm continues to plan for better times.

We have already hired many of our summer employees. We are so excited to get to spend the summer watching them learn and grow together in the garden!

There are still some opportunities left if you are looking for a summer experience of learning and making a difference!

We are currently looking for the following:

-Part Time interns. These interns would learn every aspect of vegetable farming including greenhouse management, garden strategies, marketing, and more. Hired through SARE with a stipend of up to $200 per week, these interns, if looking for full time employment, could be hired through our farm for the additional hours.

-Garden Supervisors. These supervisors would be responsible for overseeing garden operations, assigning tasks, and ensuring that they were done correctly. We are looking for 1 full time supervisor or 2 part time supervisors.

-Assistant Supervisors. These employees would report to the supervisors and help our employees with special needs and their support staff understand instructions and complete garden and misc. tasks. Looking for energetic, empathetic people to fill these roles.

These positions have flexible hours and will be seasonal. Please contact us at with any questions about applications!

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